She was born in Cascina (Pisa) in 1974, has graduated in 1993 at the Art Institute of Cascina in design and has continued her studies in Fine Arts Academy of Florence, where she graduated in 2000.

Sonia Ceccotti’s works were born from the everyday gesture of the artist that chooses the reinterpretation and so recycles the material usually used for the paintings’ packaging, implementing an aesthetic revaluation.

Her portraits are always sensual but never vulgar and they are the evidence of the mastery of sign on a uneven surface like the corrugated cardboard.

She initially preferred a delicate figurative oil painting, more traditional, but she use this particular new technique throughout and painted on corrugated cardboard materials.

Subjects are the same, characterized by intense faces and expressive looks. This technique doesn’t want to be an overcoming or a refuse of the previous direction, but is a healthy and legitimate desire of experimentation on a more concrete, material, on everyday dimension.


If Sonia preferred a delicate figurative oil painting, now she is focused on the realization of working with unusual materials for the art world like corrugated cardboard, recovered by packaging material.

It is more correct to talk about ‘recover’ than of recycle. The faces of her paintings are invaded and disturbed of interventions with recycled material, that in the same time is able to underline the light/shadow points and to hide parts of the body. The artist loves to play on the ambiguity of a controlled randomness in the material’s insertion, creating in this way a dialog between presence and absence. Sonia usually inserts materials like tapes wrapping, insulating tapes or bare code.